Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM

Planet Mobius was once a beautiful, peaceful world…until the evil Dr. Robotnik turned it into his personal mechanized empire. But the courageous Sonic the Hedgehog and his heroic friends rose up to oppose this tyranny, and though it took many years and many battles, they eventually vanquished Robotnik. Even with Robotnik gone, however, the fight for freedom is not yet finished. New evils now rise up, and our heroes must face a whole new mission to stop them.

The Freedom Fighters

Sonic the Hedgehog

The fastest thing alive! The Main Attraction! The Freedom Fighters’ greatest hero! Given that résumé, it’s pretty understandable that Sonic has a bit of an ego on him; the self-proclaimed Cooler Than Cool Dude, he likes to act first and think things through later, and though his brash impulsive attitude can get him into trouble, it just as often fuels the bravery with which he fights and wins against his enemies time and time again.

Miles “Tails” Prower

He may not know who his birth parents are, but Miles “Tails” Prower has never wanted for family. Growing up under the care of the Freedom Fighters, he has long admired their heroism and the adventures it has allowed them to go on; Sonic in particular isn’t just his big brother, but his idol, and though he lacks the hedgehog’s super speed, he has a gift of his own: his twin tails enable him to fly!

Sally Acorn

The princess of the fallen Kingdom of Acorn, Sally Acorn is a leader’s leader. Capable of keeping cool even under tremendous pressure, combining sharp logic with decisive action, she’s always able to find a way through, especially with help from her trusty handheld computer NICOLE!

Bunnie Rabbot

Partially roboticized at a young age, Bunnie dreams of the day when she’ll be able to get her original body back. She’s one of the Freedom Fighters’ most inspiring members, not simply because she’s turned that tragic transformation into an invaluable asset to the cause, but also because she’s managed to keep her hope alive and strong.

Antoine Depardieu

Frightened of just about everything, overly concerned with formality, and carrying an ego almost as bad as Sonic’s, Antoine may have skill enough as a soldier, but it’s rare that such skill ever really shines through. Yet he has gifts, just not ones people would associate with a soldier; could it be, then, that he must learn to walk an entirely new and unexpected path?

Rotor Walrus

From a young age, Rotor has always had an exceptionally gifted mind: there is no machine he can’t puzzle out, no technology he can’t master. Given the nature of the enemy they face, that’s always made him an invaluable part of the Freedom Fighters.

The Forces of Robotropolis


Snively has spent his entire life under his uncle Robotnik’s heel. To keep himself alive and close to a seat of power, he played the part of the sniveling toady, but the truth is that he has always desired to be in control himself. And now, with Robotnik gone and Naugus at his disposal, he finally has his chance…


Once a prisoner of the inter-dimensional nether-realm known as The Void, Naugus is one of the deadliest enemies the Freedom Fighters have ever faced. Not only does he wield powerful magic, but his razor-sharp cunning can often make him hard to predict.


Robotropolis is crawling with these mechanical minions that form the rank and file of Snively’s army. They are not especially bright or powerful, but they are dangerous in large numbers—and large numbers they’ve got: these guys are everywhere!

Knothole Village

Hidden safely away in the near-impenetrable depths of the GREAT FOREST, Knothole Village is more than just the Freedom Fighters’ base of operations. It has also become a home for many of the people displaced by Robotnik’s takeover.


Once the peaceful capital city of the KINGDOM OF ACORN, Robotropolis is the beating mechanical heart of Robotnik’s empire. Its smoggy skies, towering factories, and robotic armies make it a danger to any living thing that dares to enter its borders.