The History of Sea3on

Once upon a time, at the turn of the millennium, there was a website called “Fans United for SatAM”, a place dedicated to the memory of the 1993 Sonic the Hedgehog animated series (known to its fans as SatAM after its Saturday morning time slot). It provided a community where fellow fans could talk and share memories, and helped lead the charge for the eventual DVD release of the entire series.

In 2009, the site began hosting a webcomic called Sea3on, meant to depict a hypothetical third season of the series which continued its story. Written by Eric “Gojira2007” Mason and currently illustrated by the team of Riggo and Nex, the Sea3on comic remains ongoing and shows how Sonic and the Freedom Fighters must contend with the evil duo of Snively and Naugus as both sides race all around Mobius to try and track down the mysterious Chaos Emeralds, the power of which could determine the fate of the entire planet…

As the Sea3on webcomic continued and grew more popular, however, the team behind the series began to consider making an animated series based on the comic to truly bring this new story to life. Thus, in 2018, the Sea3on Animated project was launched, with a Patreon to help build support and a mission statement to create a fully animated new Sonic episode adapting the first issue of the comic.

Over the course of the following year, a team of up-and-coming talents in animation, storyboarding, editing, voice work, and more were brought on board, including Gloria “Glofishy” Fish, Keith “Flaxor” Rowsell, and Tim “J” Campbell, with involvement from veterans like the original series’ lead composer Mike Tavera and a special promotional poster by long-time Sonic comics artist Tracy Yardley!. As Sea3on Animated continues to attract fans, new and old alike, we move ever closer to a whole new chapter in the SatAM saga!

Sea3on is a member-funded society.

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